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The Customer Service Check-In feature allows customers to check in for services remotely from home, office or mobile device. Once you check-in, text alerts notify you of estimated service time and when you are approaching the front of the line. If you change your mind, you can cancel the request and reschedule for another day.

The Development Services Department's ePlan Review is an electronic plan and document management system.
ePlan Review provides a convenient central hub for development project groups (including applicants and City reviewers) to communicate and complete the entire plan review process online, from the initial application stage to final approved plan sets.

Zoning is a classification assigned to a particular set of land uses. Use the Zoning Profile Report  by typing in the address you want to search for. For official legal verification of zoning on a property, please call the Development Assistance Center at (512) 978-4000.

The Fiscal Surety Office accepts, monitors, and releases fiscal surety payments for improvements to environmental, health, safety controls, and public infrastructure. The amount of fiscal surety posted shall equal the estimated cost for the City to do the work for which the fiscal was required.

Work with the City of Austin to make sure your next building or renovation project is safe, sustainable, and permitted. 

Request a Zoning Change

Information about the zoning process, applicable code and submittal requirements can be obtained prior to submitting a zoning application. Please contact the Development Assistance Center (DAC) at (512) 978-4000 to set up a pre-application conference.

Anyone associated with the permit can schedule an inspection: the general contractor, the homeowner (if listed as the general contractor on the permit), the trade contractor, or their official agents. Learn More.