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Spirit of East Austin

The Spirit of East Austin is a City of Austin-community partnership that has focused new energy and creativity into breaking down historic barriers to jobs and opportunities east of Interstate 35.  Launched by a community event on Sept. 12, 2015, Spirit of East Austin has brought new voices and renewed hope for tangible change.

Historically, Interstate 35 was the dividing line not only by race but also by economic possibilities. While the view eastward from IH 35 today is one of revitalization, much of those who have lived for years in that community are left out of this economic upsurge and gentrification is threatening their neighborhoods.

Austin tops lists for job opportunities, economic prosperity and best places to live, but it also has the title of “Most Economically Segregated City” in the United States. Spirit of East Austin is working to change that climate of inequity by listening to East Austin residents and others throughout the Capital City and responding to essential community needs and community priorities.

As we “face East,” the challenges are many.  But together, the Spirit of East Austin harnesses the collective will for positive change.