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Construction Standards

Austin Water Construction Standards are available to ensure the City of Austin’s assets are of the highest quality. We offer resources to help engineers and contractors design and build water, reclaimed water and wastewater infrastructure projects in the City of Austin.

Austin Water’s Standard Product List

Austin Water’s Standard Products List specifies acceptable manufacturer products for use in the construction of water, reclaimed water and wastewater infrastructure. These products have undergone stringent testing to ensure the safety, reliability and consistency within the Austin Water system.

Technical Criteria Manuals 

The City of Austin's technical criteria manuals are available online through the Municode website.

  • Current Standard Details - Our Current Standard Details provides engineers the details for their construction plans.
  • Current Standard Specifications - Our Current Standard Specifications outline the procedures for constructing water and wastewater facilities for contractors.
  • Utility Criteria Manual - The Utility Criteria Manual provides guidelines and criteria for design, construction and coordination of water and wastewater facilities within the City of Austin and outside the city to the boundaries of the utility service areas. Information obtained from this manual is intended to provide orderly methods for obtaining utility services.
Plan for Disinfecting Potable Water Mains 

This section describes methods of disinfecting newly constructed potable water mains; mains that have been removed from service for planned repairs or for maintenance that exposes them to contamination; mains that have undergone emergency repairs because of physical failure; and mains that, under normal operation, continue to show the presence of coliform organisms.

The plan shall comply with AWWA C651 (Disinfecting Water Mains) and AWWA C655 (Field Dechlorination), latest editions, and shall be developed using one of the following templates, unless otherwise approved by the Design Engineer and/or Austin water:

The Slug Method and Spray Method (per AWWA C651) are also acceptable if better suited for disinfection. The contractor shall decide which disinfection method to use for a given project. 


Use this online form or this PDF form to request a residential cut over.  For commercial services, use either this online form or this PDF form.

Complete this application to submit a request for reclaimed water service.

Complete an application to request a commercial water/wastewater tap permit. Customers are required to submit approved utility construction plans and must have applied for a building permit before the tap permit can be issued.

Complete this online form to submit an application for a commercial water/wastewater tap permit.