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As Central Texas continues to grow, we need to invest in our future and protect all the things we love about Austin. Transportation, in particular, is a growing challenge which will require our best thinking and our greatest combined efforts. In addition to improvements to existing transportation infrastructure, we urgently need an expansion of the public transportation system. In a recent survey of 300 respondents, 93% said rush hour congestion is a serious problem; 91% agreed that alternative transportation options should be explored; and 89% agreed that high-capacity transit can be part of the solution.

Project Connect (which includes the City of Austin, Capital Metro, the Lone Star Rail District, and CAMPO) and the Transit Working Group, among other entities, are conducting studies and developing proposals for expanded regional transportation options that include additional commuter rail lines and an intercity rail service connecting Austin and San Antonio. An urban rail service and rapid bus routes would link with all other modes and help people reach destinations within the city.

Great cities have great transit systems, and it’s time to get moving, or we will lose the things that make Austin great.

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